Cooking Oil (Malaysia Origin)

Cooking oil is plant, animal or synthetic fat used in frying, baking and other types of cooking. It is also used in food preparation and flavoring that doesn't involve heat, such as salad dressings and bread dips, and in this sense might be more accurately termed edible oil. 

BEST is Vegetable Cooking Oil made from Malaysia and imported here in the Gulf. It is made from RBD Palm Oleinwith the certifications of Halaland a Certified Malaysian product. It is made from Palm fruit oil which is odorless and tasteless, perfect for consumers and manufacturers alike looking for a healthy oil for cooking and baking needs.It is made from CP-10 RBD Palm Oil which can be seen in the product label. 

BEST is packed in 18Ltin. It has 2 years expiration date.It is best for Caterings, Cafeterias, Hotels, Restaurants, Kitchens,  and so many more.
Good quality product with a high quality and hygienic range.